This Thesis project was made to create a pottery art which is called “I Love Diving” or “ Rak-Pra-Da-Num” in Thai. The project was inspired by my impression of seeing and exploring the life under the sea through diving. Having my mother as a scuba diver, I was introduced to diving and snorkelling. I am fascinated by diving, it gives me a chance to see various marine lives such as fish, turtles, and seahorses etc and the beautiful atmosphere under the sea that is incomparable from the land.

    I have designed this product by combining the atmosphere of the life  under the sea and the identity of marine life that I saw with my imagination by using the colourfulness and aesthetics to express the movement of this work as though live in the under water

I Love Diving no.1 - Turtle
I Love Diving no.2 - Triggerfish
I Love Diving no.3 - Coral
I Love Diving no.4 - Jellyfish
I Love Diving no.5 - Seahorse
I Love Diving no.6 - Fish
I Love Diving no.7 - Wave
I Love Diving no.8 - Diver